Eugenia Center

Welcome to the Eugenia Center website!  We've been serving clients suffering from alcoholism and other addictions since 1991.  We are the only non-profit Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Lewis County.  The level of care at our facility exceeds common treatment standards, permitting us to give individual and personal attention to clients.

Staff at the Eugenia Center are eager to work with each client and treat them with integrity and dedication.  Our center was recently renovated to make it more inviting and comfortable for our clients.  Currently, services are offered in English and Spanish.

Our atmosphere is very welcoming, allowing clients to meet others in recovery.  We have a complimentary snack and coffee area, and offer recreational activities as well as an entertainment center that invites clients to watch educational videos and other popular movies about drug and alcohol addiction.

  • Eugenia Center is a private nonprofit organization that seeks to improve the quality of life of individuals who may be impacted by alcohol and other drugs.
  • Eugenia Center serves every individual with dignity and respect and makes every effort to provide services and resources to all in need, regardless of their social or economic situation.
  • Eugenia Center offers prevention, intervention, and treatment services consistent with the principles of the Twelve-Step fellowships. Services are provided along a continuum of care consistent with the needs of each individual.
  • Maintaining a climate of optimism, enthusiasm, and shared spirituality, Eugenia Center embodies a sense of purpose, a commitment to wellness, and a dedication to continual improvement as it seeks to share the joys of recovery with those it serves.
  • Eugenia Center provides the essential requirements for chemical dependency treatment.
  • Eugenia Center ensures the provision of an effective treatment process including assessment, treatment planning, documentation of patient progress, treatment plan reviews and updates, patient compliance reports, continuing care and discharge planning, and conducting individual and group counseling.
  • Eugenia Center takes into account provisions of adequate chemical dependency treatment including well trained, qualified personnel for the care of patients, facility security, patient safety, and other special needs of patients.
  • Eugenia Center provides a welcoming facility with supplies for the care and safety of patients and staff.

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The Eugenia Center
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